Invited Speakers

Highly Efficient Organic Devices
Karl Leo
(Fraunhofer Institut für Photonische Mikrosystem, Germany)

Photosynthetic Light Harvesting
Rienk van Grondelle
(VU Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Ifor Samuel
(University of St Andrews, United Kingdom)

Nonlinear Absorption And Refraction In Metal-Containing Chromophores, Nanoobjects And Bioderived Materials
Marek Samoc
(Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)

Recombination Of The Charge Carriers In The Organic Structures
Gytis Juška
(Vilnius University, Lithuania)

Ultrafast exciton and charge dynamics in isolated and interacting carbon nanotubes
Larry Luer
(Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies, IMDEA Nanociencia, Spain)

Making the Molecular Movie: First Frames....Coming Features
Dwayne Miller
(Max Planck Research Department for Structural Dynamics at the University of Hamburg,CFEL, Germany)

Bio-Organic Interfaces For Neuronal Photoactivation
Mariarosa Antognazza
(Center for Nano Science and Technology, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

One Dimensional J-Aggregates: Deducing The Level Statistics And Microscopic Geometrical Structure From Optical Spectra
Paul H.M. van Loosdrecht
(Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

Single Molecule Spectroscopy to monitor energy transfer in macromolecules and aggregates
Ivan Scheblykin
(Lund University, Sweden)

Theory Of Quantum Coherence In Excitation Transfer In Organic Materials: Some Old Solutions To Puzzling Problems
V. M. Kenkre
(University of New Mexico, USA)

Local Field Optical Control Of Charge Transport In Molecular Tunnelling Nanojunctions
Boris Fainberg
(Holon Institute of Technology, Israel)

Organic-Organic Heteroepitaxy of Red-, Green-, and Blue-Emitting Nanofibers
Clemens Simbrunner
(Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)

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